Volunteer in the Henderson Hub


The Henderson Hub is reliant on volunteers to make it a success – which means we need you to support us to make it happen! Below we have listed the type of roles we have available, and a little information about what it would entail.

If you are interested in volunteering in one, or more, of these roles, please do contact us using the online form at the bottom of this page, or call the Volunteer Coordinator on 01923 444619 and we will be happy to chat about how you can get involved.

Current Roles Available

Gallery Stewards

  • To be in the exhibitions for around two hours at a time
  • Meet and greet visitors and offer information about the exhibition
  • Ensure the exhibits are not subject to any vandalism or theft
  • Take payment for sales of exhibits and prepare any sales for taking away (training would be given with regard to taking payments and wrapping the exhibits for transport)

Café Volunteers 

Theatre/Film Volunteers
For events at the Hub there are a range of different tasks you can get involved with, including

  • Front of House – meeting and greeting audience members, answering questions and providing other information about the Henderson Hub
  • Aiding audience members to their seats
  • Check tickets, take and handle money on the door
  • Keep neat records of attendance and financial information
  • Refreshments preparation (including making tea before opening up and in the interval)
  • Refreshment sales (know the prices of tea coffee and refreshments, take money and give change to customers)
  • Collect cups/plates wash up and clear away

DIY Maintenance

  • To do small repair jobs including decorating, around the Henderson Hall building
  • To set up and move equipment and furniture as needed
  • Working in groups or as individuals under the direction of the DIY and Maintenance Coordinator
  • Ladder training is mandatory before any ladder usage- this will be provided if required

Theatre Technician

  • Under the management of the venue manager to rig stage lighting, sound and film equipment for Henderson Hub events and for customers who require help.

Contact us using the form below or call 01923 444 619 for more information

*The Henderson Hub will keep your details so we can contact you in the future about our activities and how you can support us. We promise not to share your details with anyone else for marketing purposes and you can stop receiving our communications at any time by contacting us.